Terms of car rentals

Means of payment  : Αt the beginning of the rental with cash or via credit card. At our website via  bank transfer  or PayPal . All credit cards are accepted, any type  of VISA and Mastercard.

Renter’s qualification :. Have a valid Greek , European (for E.U. countries) or International ( for countries that don’t belong to E.U.) driving license.

Driver’s age : For car group A & B the minimum age is 21 years and  the driving license must be issued at least 2 years before the pick up date.

For category C & D the minimum age is 23 and the driving license must be issued at least 2 years before the pick up date.

For the rest of categories the minimum age is 25 years.

Credit Card – Warranty : Upon receipt of the vehicle , our company requires your credit card details as a guarantee for the rental. In special cases we have the right to debit your credit card a warranty amount of 300,00€ , the warranty amount is refunded at the end of the rental, unless if any additional charges occur . The guarantee will be released  within fifteen (15) days of the end of the vehicle rental.

Grace period : After the agreed lease expires, our company  allows the renter a grace period of up to 30 minutes for the car to be returned. Upon expiration . the tenant is charged for the cost of an extra day.

Fuel Policy: The customer must return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank. If the customer returns the car with less fuel than it had when the car was picked up, there will be an extra charge of the fuel consumed.


All On Time vehicles are insuredn against liability to third parties (excluding driver) for death and injury up to 1.220.000,00€ per victim. And all On Time  Authorized Vehicle Drivers are exempt for damage to the rental car from fire and theft.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) : 

Coverage description: 

• Personal driver accident
• Body injuries per victim
• Care at the scene of the accident
• Material damage to third parties per accident
• Material damage from an uninsured vehicle

The C.D.W insurance which is provided by On Time Rent a Car to all its customers for free, limits the responsibility of the renter:

– Α, Β category  500,00

– C , D category  700,00

– the rest categories  1000,00

This insurance does not cover:
-Immobilization allowance (for lost profits during vehicle repair)
-Travel costs that may result from damage or accident.
-Expenditure in the event of a key loss.

Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.) : 

The renter can waive the above deductible amount reliability by paying an additional daily amount which may vary depending on the car group.

Attantion! Full Damage Waiver not cover damages caused by infringement of the traffic law, damages to tires, broken glasses, mirrors or key, car parts underneath the car and inside the cabin).Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, abnormal use of the vehicle.

If you have a charge, such as an over-speed call or unpaid congestion charges, the car hire company will try to contact you when the authorities request the name of the driver. This can happen months after the rental and you will need to pay the management fees and the initial charge.The driver is charged €15 in case of an accident due to their fault. This amount is not refundable.


ADDITIONAL DRIVER: Free of charge.



CHILD SEATS: Free of charge, available only after booking.

GPS: Available only after booking and with a daily charge of 5,00.

Road assistance is free of charge.

CHANGES OF CAR TYPE: Our company have the right to provide a different type of car than the one stated in the original booking, from an equivalent or higher category.

CHANGE OF BOOKING: Rescheduling also involves recalculation of the price.

Cancellation Policy

In case of a cancellation of a reservation made through the internet, during the period of 20 days before the rental starting date, is entitled to claim the amount of the deposit or to keep the deposit.


In case the renter fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start date and time without any written or telephone conversation, On Time will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. On Time reserve the right to charge the renter a one day rental of the car group reserved.

Each pickup / delivery at different location except for airport is charged 20,00 upon agreement.

Transport  by ship is not allowed.

Out of border lease  is not allowed.